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It's Not What You’ve Got! Teaches Kids About Money And Abundance, Plus A Giveaway

June 20, 2011

It's Not What You've Got! - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer ($3.99) by Oceanhouse Media is a book that will challenge kids to think about money, abundance and the things in life that are most important. This story has depth and meaning beyond a simple bedtime read.


Money is discussed throughout the story; with the premise of the things money can and cannot do in our lives. The message is positive and will encourage kids to think about their own life, the person they want to become and to be thankful for the many things they already have. The story is written in rhyme and meter, so it is catchy for children to listen to or read.

There are three ways to read the story: Read to Me, Read it Myself and Auto Play. While reading the story, if you tap on various objects in the illustrations, it will speak the name of the item. This feature is usually a hit with younger children.

There are questions presented in Its Not What You’ve Got! that will stimulate thoughts and ideas about life, abundance and money. Near the end, there are statements for the reader to think about, such as “All the best things about me come from within.” Or, “I will create the life I want.”


There is so much information in this book; it is one that you hope kids will read over and over again. It might be beneficial for parents to sit down and read this book to their kids, as it has a great message for adults too. No one is ever too old to hear a lesson about money.

One addition that I think would be helpful is a parents guide to go along with the story. Its Not What You’ve Got! is very educational and has the potential to spark some interesting questions from kids. It would also be helpful to provide some tools and resources on how to help kids save, share and spend money.

Cognitively, I do not think younger children will understand the depth of the story. They will need to grow into the concept and ideas. Doctor Wayne W. Dyer, an internationally known author and speaker in self-development, wrote the book. He believes that a child’s earliest thoughts and perceptions about money and abundance are those that will stick throughout their life.

If you have kids and are looking for ways to teach these concepts, Its Not What You’ve Got! is an excellent choice.

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