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Let VideoHunters Find What You Are Looking For

Let VideoHunters Find What You Are Looking For

June 28, 2011
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VideoHunters ($0.99) by The App Company is an iPad-only YouTube video watching app. Released in March, this application has skyrocketed in popularity among fans of YouTube-related apps. Now, priced at only $0.99 and regularly updated to include such things as: staff picks, history search, as well as Facebook and Twitter Integration, it is sure to replace the Official YouTube app for anyone who downloads it.

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VideoHunters is basically a YouTube search engine, designed to help narrow down the videos and clips that you want to see and let you easily save them within the app for future viewing. One of the best things about this app is the user interface. VideoHunters lays out video clips for you based on themes. To start a new theme, you just hit the “add” button and search for whatever subject you are interested in. I chose Kitties. Within each theme, you can manage rows, giving you sub-genres for your theme, such as kitty songs and cat chases. Once you have built a theme page, you can add or delete video and include more sub-genres if you like.

You can also log into your own YouTube account and add your favorites, subscriptions, channels and uploaded videos right into the app. The developers have also added themes of their own for you to browse through. You can search though: entertainment, sports, games, comedy and many more. Each theme has its own list of videos related to it. For example, you can view the Movie Trailer theme and see videos from various YouTube channels, like ThaMovieGuy or VISOTrailers.

You can share videos through Facebook and Twitter, or you can email them directly. If you are logged into your YouTube account, you can add videos to your favorites, create playlists and subscribe to channels. If you would like to comment on a video, you can go directly to YouTube from the app where you will see the website in the familiar mobile format.

Overall, this app is clean and slick; it deserves the hype it's getting for being the number one YouTube Watching app for the iPad. At only $0.99, the only way you will get a better deal is by watching from the official YouTube app, which just doesn’t look as good, and certainly doesn’t offer nearly as many suggested video options as VideoHunters.

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