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Megan And The Giant Hits The iPhone

Megan And The Giant Hits The iPhone

June 2, 2011
Do you enjoy adventure games with pixel-based retro graphics and exploration? Do you want to play hide-and-seek on the streets of London in a family-friendly setting? If you answered yes to any of the above, you should check out Megan and the Giant on the App Store. This is a fun adventure game based on line drawing for movement control. There are various items and characters to interact with as well. Megan and the Giant is a stealth game at its core though. You have to help Megan outsmart and outmaneuver pursuers in order for her to find a friend. The game features boss fights and other challenges. There are also over 30 levels to complete through four chapters. Each chapter takes you to a different part of London. The art style is quite charming and unique with characters appearing as paper or flat surfaces. The world is full of 3D graphics, but seen from a top-down perspective. Megan and the Giant is currently available on the App Store for $.99.

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