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June 4, 2011, a Holland-based, one-man blog, has been around since 2002, talking up tech, fashion, music, and design. It boasts a loyal following and a unique web experience that makes shopping for mentioned limited-run items a fun (if expensive and exclusive) affair, so an iPad app was on the short-list of Nalden necessities. Coded by the same Momkai team responsible for the site, Nalden for iPad is an even more stylish approach to sharing Mr. Nalden's thoughts and lifestyle sensibilities. The app description is short and sweet, indicative of the Nalden way:
Nalden is all about a lifestyle for digital natives. Some people think this is about trends, but it is more about curated observations. The app includes stories supported by video, photos, wallpapers and must-have apps, optimized for iPad. ...A daily source of inspiration for creative people, artists, suits, beautiful women and many others from around the world who love to live in the present plus.
Pay particular attention to the layout and interactivity of the app, as it is a very impressive debut. From the structure to the swipes, Nalden's nailed Nalden's user interface, and it fits his message perfectly. Dynamic backgrounds and precisely-calibrated controls let you browse fast and smooth, and the topical photo galleries are clean and crisp. Even if you can't afford the items on sale (I can't!), the app's an entertaining and informative diversion from the norm. Content-wise, I'd call it a Euro-Uncrate with a personalized appeal; and it'll definitely introduce you to fancy, new things you might otherwise miss. Overall, Nalden is one of the best blogs-turned-apps (and shopping portals) in recent memory, so, if you're a "digital native" kickin' it in the "present plus," it's an easy pick-up for free on iTunes.

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