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New App Makes Brilliant Time-Lapse Videos, So What's The Problem?

New App Makes Brilliant Time-Lapse Videos, So What's The Problem?

June 29, 2011
An interesting new photography app is now available in the App Store called Lifelapse for iPhone. The app has a simple purpose: it automatically takes a picture every 30 seconds, which are then used to create time-lapse videos. After testing the app for a few hours, I have one question for the app’s creators: what were you guys thinking? First, let it be said that Lifelapse works 100 percent as advertised. In fact, I can imagine in the perfect world, using it on my next vacation would result in fantastic photographs and videos. However, I just can’t get past the app’s underlying concept. And, regrettably, I don’t think others will either. Lifelapse is best used with the company’s €9.99 Lifepouch neck lanyard. With it, your iPhone fits nicely around your neck with only the iPhone’s rear-facing camera and one-half of its Apple logo showing. Can you see where this is going? As TUAW’s Michael Rose appropriately suggests, wearing the lanyard around your neck will identify you as “both a) a tourist and b) the possessor of more money than sense.” Therefore, unless you’re planning on using Lifelapse at your next family picnic or at your weekend getaway in the woods, I would not recommend using it, unless you are willing to risk losing your iPhone to a stranger. Plus, if that doesn't bother you consider how quickly the app could drain your iPhone's battery. Remember, it takes two photographs every minute. Check out this video:

Lifelapse for iPhone is available in the App Store for $.99. Keep in mind, the app will only work with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. Thoughts?

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