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Newsy For iPad Gets An Update

Newsy For iPad Gets An Update

June 6, 2011
Do you enjoy watching videos of news content on the go? If so, you may want to check out Newsy for iPad. Watching video based news on the iPad has just gotten easier with the latest 3.0 update of this app. Newsy for iPad has been designed exclusively for the tablet. It is a multi-source, video app with short segments about current world events and happenings. Here is the list of features the app offers (taken from the app description):
  • Real-time access to the most recent videos on
  • Innovative playlist builder
  • Videos can be downloaded and saved to the iPad for later viewing off network
  • Interact with the Newsy community by posting comments and rating videos
  • Share videos via Twitter, Facebook and email
  • View video transcripts that contain links to news sources
  • ‘Sources’ button connects you to the story-level pages of the sources analyzed
  • Slideshow feature enables quick browsing through videos
  • Easily filter videos by category
  • Access higher quality videos when connected through WiFi
Here is the list of additional features to expect with the recent 3.0 update (also via app description):
  • Entirely new interface. Every pixel has been updated, with new animations, gestures, and color scheme. More cohesion and consistency between portrait and landscape views, with more seamless transitions.
  • Quicker loading times.
  • Better social media integration. Post a story to Facebook with a single tap, and post a story to Twitter with a single sign-on.
  • Full background support. Newsy 3.0 will continue to download videos when the app is sent to the background. The app also remembers a user's preferred view and order of playlists.
  • Tappable News Ticker. A headline ticker with links to external sources displays the top stories of the day.
  • Push Notifications.
Newsy for iPad can be downloaded for free on the App Store.

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