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One High Powered Meeting Could Lead To 600 Million More iPhone Customers

One High Powered Meeting Could Lead To 600 Million More iPhone Customers

June 23, 2011
The number of iPhone users in the world could feasibly jump by some 600 million if Apple COO Tim Cook has anything to say about it. Cook, who also serves as Apple’s acting CEO, was recently in China to meet with the country’s largest mobile phone carrier about future handset plans, according to news first reported by MIC Gadget. Cook’s visit with representatives from China Mobile is significant since the carrier isn’t currently partnered with Apple, meaning none of its subscribers can currently use an iPhone. However, that could soon change. China Mobile presently uses a homegrown TD-SCDMA standard, which doesn't play nice with existing iPhones. However, it is working on a fourth-generation TD-LTE radio technology that could be used with future Apple devices. According to MIC Gadget, Cook’s visit to China went amazingly well:
“This morning, around 10, Apple COO Tim Cook is spotted in the lobby of China Mobile’s HQ, accompanied by 7-8 people. Probably Cook is talking with executives from China Mobile to discuss bilateral cooperation for the iPhone. Both China and America flags are seen in the lobby, and Cook seems to be happy.”
If Apple does begin using TD-LTE in a future iPhone, it isn’t a leap to assume every other carrier in the world will soon follow suit. If they don’t, Apple alone could have in its hands a captive audience that could total up to 600 million. What do you think? Leave your comments below.  

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