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Overwhelmed With Complicated Photo Software? Try Photo Sense

Overwhelmed With Complicated Photo Software? Try Photo Sense

June 17, 2011
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Photo Sense ($1.99) by VeprIT is a photo editing app that works well for those who want something very simple to use. This app is designed for those who do not want to play with presets in order to get a decent looking picture. You can take photos directly from the app or import a photo right from your library.

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If you are not interested in learning how to make changes and adjustments to your photos on your own, Photo Sense lives up to its name and makes a great solution. The idea is to create attractive photos in a couple of easy steps.

You first need to set up which type of photo correcting and enhancing features you would like to automatically apply. There are settings for: adjusting colors, exposure, contrast, saturation, sharpening, and preservation of skin color. You have the option to turn them on and off, depending on your preference. These settings will scan your photo and make the necessary adjustments and automatically apply them whenever you select the “enhance” feature.

Other features of Photo Sense include the ability to crop a photo and apply special effects. There are 12 effects to choose from, such as black and white, sepia, and different colored filters. All of these effects are fairly standard for photo editing software.

Photo Sense by VeprIT screenshot

The cropping feature worked very slowly, which was frustrating. Hopefully an update will fix this issue. A couple of times I rotated a photo and did not intend to do so. Once the photo rotates, it is difficult to get it back to the place you want. An undo feature would make a nice addition.

Photo Sense allows you to compare your original photo to the enhanced version with the tap of a button. If you like the new settings, press "save" and it will be added to your photo library.

The developers of this app have many years of professional photography experience, but with any automatic software, the lack of human involvement may create a less than ideal photo. Photo Sense works with several parameters to create the best possible photo, but sometimes it may not turn out as well as if it were manually edited.

Manual editing is not possible in this app, so it is really designed for those who don't know or understand those options. If this is you, Photo Sense is worth the price, and an easy way to spruce up your iPhone photos.

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