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Kids Can Visit Major Cities In A Trip In The USA - Win A Copy!

Kids Can Visit Major Cities In A Trip In The USA - Win A Copy!

June 23, 2011
A Trip In The USA - Mom, It

A Trip In The USA - Mom, It's Me!™ ($0.99) by My Digital Photo Story is the newest installment in the Mom, It’s Me! series.

Make your child the main character in the story by uploading a picture of them. Simply select your child’s picture from your Photos library to superimpose their face on an illustrated boy or girl. Once you’re set, the story begins. Children can read along and watch as his or her character visits major U.S. cities.

A Trip In The USA - Mom, It

The first thing you’ll see when opening the app is a chance to select the boy or girl character, along with the instructions to tap the face to edit it.

With your picture selected, red directional areas are used to narrow in on just your child’s face. The refine tool can then black out anything in the picture’s background. I was amazed at how accurately the tool worked.

The story begins with your child sitting in their room, when their magic kite invites them to go on a trip across the United States. You can either select the order to view the cities, or just use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to cycle through the linear story. Different elements in each city will animate when selected. My 2-year-old daughter enjoyed seeing Mickey Mouse in Orlando.

Overall, the story presents a brief overview for each city and features interactive elements in each scene. Children will certainly enjoy seeing their character in the story.

The app’s settings can be customized to turn the narration on or off, and to “lock” in your edited photo so it’s not accidentally deleted. This app certainly takes advantage of what the iPad is capable of when it comes to children’s books.

GIVEAWAY: We have two codes for A Trip In The USA to giveaway to readers! Simply leave a comment on this post with which U.S. city is your favorite. Enter a valid email address (so we can contact the winners) by this Friday, June 24, at 4 p.m. PDT. We’ll pick winners randomly. Good luck!

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