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Mind Strength Promises Better Memory Skills

Mind Strength Promises Better Memory Skills

June 25, 2011
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Mind Strength ($0.99) by Schwa Techno Solutions does exactly what it advertises.

The app will generate a list of two digit numbers that you will need to first memorize and then re-enter on the next screen. This is supposedly a way to exercise your brain to remember numbers. Depending on how many numbers you selected to memorize, this app can be a very quick exercise.

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First you select how many numbers you would like to memorize from three to 300. Then you will see a list with the amount of numbers requested. You have as much time as you need to memorize the list.

When you think you’re good to go, move on to the next screen, where you will have to fill in the blanks for each number. Once done, you will see your submitted list against the original list. A pleasant green check mark shows a match, and a beefy red “x” is next to any incorrect guess.

Will this app actually improve your memory? I doubt it, since you have to memorize numbers that have no personal connection for you.

Brain research shows that our brains tend to remember only the beginning and end of a list (especially the longer it gets) and the more connections we can make, the stronger the recall. Knowing that may make you more aware of how to deal with any memory shortcomings you may have.

Save your dollar and use it toward a bottle of Omega 3.

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