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Run, Jump, And Slash Your Way Through A Cardboard World In Papercut!

Run, Jump, And Slash Your Way Through A Cardboard World In Papercut!

June 28, 2011
Papercut! by Doomed Mobile icon

Papercut! ($0.99) by Doomed Mobile is an infinite running game for your iPhone.

The iPhone is a great platform for pick-up-and-play games, and what else is more pick-up-and-play than the infinite runner category? Say hello to Papercut!

Papercut! by Doomed Mobile screenshot

In Papercut!, you control a kid armed with a cardboard sword. As you run, you'll eventually gain more and more speed, making it harder to control jumps and attacks.

The environment is an always-changing cardboard world with little colored monsters that will be in your path, which you can avoid or slash away at. In addition to monsters, there are power-ups: bolts and clocks.

Collecting three bolts will make you grow in size and invincible for a brief amount of time. Clocks will slow you down so you have more control over your actions, instead of being a fast blur.

The controls are simply two buttons: jump and attack. Attacking is important if you can't avoid monsters--because if they touch you, it's game over. As you hit monsters consecutively, you will notice that there will be an increase in the points from each. This point increase will occur until you break the streak.

Papercut! by Doomed Mobile screenshot

I found Papercut! to be fun and addictive to play, just like all other infinite runners. However, something about the cardboard world and awesome music makes me coming back for more.

The only thing is that I was a little disappointed that the game does not support Retina Display graphics yet. However, this is coming in a future update, so hopefully it won't be too long. It will also include leaderboards and achievements in the future (hopefully through Game Center).

Also, I would suggest to the developer to get rid of the "how to play" screen every time you start a game. Once you see it once, you're pretty much set.

If you love the infinite runner genre of games and want something a bit more quirky and unique, give Papercut! a try.

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