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Jump Your Way To Freedom In Squid Escape

Jump Your Way To Freedom In Squid Escape

June 23, 2011
Squid Escape by Anonymality icon

Squid Escape ($0.99) by Anonymality asks the question, “How quickly can you get Sticky the Squid to the end of the level?”

The quicker you jump Sticky from spinning gear to spinning gear, the more stars you’ll earn and the more levels you'll unlock. Obstacles will start creeping into the higher levels, which will keep the game engaging.

Squid Escape by Anonymality screenshot

Gameplay is simple, just tap the screen to make Sticky jump. You must correctly time your jumps from the spinning gears in order to sling Sticky upward.

The first five levels are mainly there to get you used to the game mechanics. Levels become more difficult as the gears begin to get further apart from each other and move at different speeds.

I tend to gravitate toward games that don’t limit your character to a certain number of lives. This is one of those games.

Falling to the screen’s bottom only results in a mulligan, without the threat of lost lives or continues. The timer also counts up, allowing as much time as you need, rather than a countdown. Despite this, you won’t earn many stars by being a slowpoke.

Squid Escape by Anonymality screenshot

This is a fun game that’s quick to get started and does a great job of increasing the difficulty at a steady rate.

With 80 levels to defeat, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth of playing time.

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