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Download Your Own Copy Of Your Favorite Internet Videos With Tube Downloader

Download Your Own Copy Of Your Favorite Internet Videos With Tube Downloader

June 17, 2011
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Tube Downloader ($1.99) by Apps2be is an app that allows you to download videos directly from a variety of video sites.

If there's anything that will never get old, it's watching Internet videos. But haven't you ever just wanted to download a video to show some friends and family later? Now you can with Tube Downloader.

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There's one major caveat to Tube Downloader - you cannot download videos from YouTube. This is due to YouTube's Terms of Service, which prohibit downloading videos from their servers. So unfortunately, the biggest video site is the one that you can't use with this app. But hey, there are plenty of others.

When you open Tube Downloader, you'll see that it is basically like a mini web-browser. The navigation bar is at the bottom, with the forward/back buttons that we all need daily. Bookmarks can be added, and you can browse the included bookmarks as well, if you need some ideas of video sites besides YouTube (trust me, there's plenty of options!). The last button can toggle the displaying the actual toolbar of the app, which has several options.

Just a quick note - as I was going through some of the bookmarks included with the app, the developers decided to include some links to pornographic sites. Yes, you can use the app to download these types of videos if you really want to. This is just a heads-up so you aren't surprised as you explore the bookmarks in public.

Tube Downloader by Apps2be screenshot

When you find a video you like, you can go about it like a normal browser. When you try and play it though, the app will give you a popup with two options: download or play in the browser.

If you choose to download, it will then go into the Download Queue. You'll be able to track the download progress of your videos here, and clear complete downloads to clean up the clutter. Background downloading is supported as well, so you don't have to remain in the app.

Completed downloads will go into the Files tab. Here, you can even organize your videos into folders, and sort them by Name, Size, or Date. If you need to move a file into a folder, just hit Edit, select the files, and Move them. You can delete and rename videos too.

For videos that you want to share with others, you can export them to your device Photo Library. This way makes sure that you have a local copy and makes it so you don't need to access the app whenever you want to share a video. Pretty handy, right?

Settings gives users options like setting a passcode lock for the app (for those private videos, whatever they may be), displaying downloading tips, and how many simultaneous downloads can happen at once. You can have anywhere from one to 10.

If you've been wanting a way to download videos directly onto your device to share with others or just keep privately, then this is the way to go.

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