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Aim To Finish With The Best Score In The New Game, Up To The Top

Aim To Finish With The Best Score In The New Game, Up To The Top

June 21, 2011
Up To The Top by Pixeleap I/S icon

Up To The Top ($0.99) by Pixeleap I/S is a new platformer that was just released recently. It’s your basic move-and-jump game with nothing too intricate. The goal is to race against the clock and climb to the top while collecting gold and avoiding obstacles and enemies.

Up To The Top by Pixeleap I/S screenshot

In the beginning, gameplay seems very slow as you learn the ropes. Even though the controls are simple, they are not very responsive which initially frustrated me. But after a while, I did become pretty good at it and started to enjoy the game a bit more.

The goal of the game is to climb your way to the top and collect all of the gold you can before the time is up. There are miniscule gold coins, bigger piles of gold, and the almighty golden pick which is worth its weight in, well, gold.

As you climb, you’ll need to get a running start to make it onto most ledges. But be careful not to let your thumb stray from the jump button, kids! The sensitivity of the target area for the controls is very weak (read: annoyingly unresponsive). You must push directly on the circle to jump or your little dinosaur will fall to his death. And trust me, this happened to me multiple times. Eventually, it was on purpose.

Luckily, there are stopwatches you can pick up along the way to extend your time. However, still make sure to hurry to the finish line; your score will be comprised of the time you have left plus the amount of gold you have collected.

Watch out for the other, bigger wandering dinosaurs because one touch and they’ll damage you. There are also a few birds flying around which you should avoid. Did I mention that you also take damage from running into walls and ledges? It’s not like I ran into walls. Or head-butted them. Repeatedly.

Up To The Top by Pixeleap I/S screenshot

Overall, I wasn’t that impressed with this game. It wasn’t anything I hadn’t seen before, so it didn’t suck me in and keep me playing. If you’re really into platformers though, you may want to give it a try. After all, it is only one dollar.

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