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Relax With Wisp: Eira’s Tale, A Soothing Puzzle Adventure Game

Relax With Wisp: Eira’s Tale, A Soothing Puzzle Adventure Game

June 16, 2011
Wisp: Eira

Wisp: Eira's Tale ($0.99) by Triolith Entertainment is an adventure puzzle game with a fantasy setting and an emphasis on exploration rather than action.

Play as Eira, a wisp who is searching for home, as she journeys through a maze-like forest filled with dangers. Eira is lost and surrounded by the evils of the forest. You must guide her home while collecting crystals, solving puzzles, and avoiding obstacles.

Wisp: Eira

The controls are simple and intuitive. Resting your finger on the screen lifts Eira into the air, and slight tilt motions control her direction. You collect three crystals in each level and then enter a portal to progress.

While gathering crystals, you need to avoid obstacles in the form of purple corruption, as touching it will turn Eira into dust and the level will need to be restarted. There are stones that serve as save points, and if you touch one, you will respawn at the stone instead of the beginning of the level. The forest corruption lines are found in the maze-like tunnels and can float in the air, branch between columns, and in later levels, chase you.

Avoiding the corruption is the only option. Eira has no weapons, but there are shrines that will turn her into a ball of earth, fire, or ice, which give her temporary abilities to overcome obstacles. However, some of the shrines also bestow negative effects, so you must be careful to compensate for them.

There are no timers in Wisp: Eira’s Tale, allowing you to take your time to explore each level. The gameplay is calm and the ambience is relaxing, with soothing nordic music and enchanting 2.5D graphics. In all, there are 30 levels to play and 15 achievements to earn.

Wisp: Eira

This game bills itself as a slow-paced and calming exploration game, but that doesn’t mean it’s without frustration. I am not a patient person, and when brittle ice exploded Eira into the wall for the twentieth time, calm was not the emotion I was feeling.

I do not usually like tilt controls, but in this case, the controls were well calibrated and worked perfectly to control Eira.

I played through two of the worlds, and I was disappointed that there was no variation in the setting. The same stone blocks, mushrooms, and moss were in every level.

The ambience in Wisp: Eira’s Tale reminded me a lot of Spirits. If you like soothing, low pressure games with unlimited time, then you will definitely want to check out Wisp: Eira’s Tale.

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