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Know The Weather Conditions Of Anywhere A Year From Now With wt360 Pro!

Know The Weather Conditions Of Anywhere A Year From Now With wt360 Pro!

June 28, 2011
wt360 Pro by Weather Trends International, Inc. icon

wt360 Pro ($0.99) by Weather Trends International, Inc. is a weather app that can give you the weather conditions for any location at any given point in time, up to a year from today.

Have you ever wondered what the weather is going to be like next month? Or maybe even six months? How about a year from now? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you'll be interested in wt360 Pro.

wt360 Pro by Weather Trends International, Inc. screenshot

On launching the app, you'll be greeted with a screen for selecting a date and your location. The app can use your current location with Location Services, or you can just manually enter in a location. The slider can be adjusted to any date you wish, as long as it's in the upcoming year.

I found the slider to be extremely sensitive, so it may be a bit hard to precisely land on a date if you move it further to the right. Hopefully they can find a better way to do the slider in an update.

When you finally select a date (you can just view today or tomorrow too, you know), you get a screen with the daily forecast. The information on this view will show date, location, condition, and an icon representing the conditions. The high and low of the day will be displayed to the left and the right of the icon.

wt360 Pro sure goes in-depth with details. The bottom half of the daily forecast view will give you information like Precipitation, Relative Humidity, Wind, UV Index, Sunrise/Sunset Time, Daylight Hours, Moonrise/Moonset Hours, and Moon Illumination (phew!).

You can use the arrow buttons or swipe on the screen to navigate between dates.

The next view is Hourly. Here, you can view the conditions and temperatures every hour. You can also go ahead to the future by using the buttons on the left, which are split into zero to 23, 24-47, 48-71, and finally 72-95 hours.

Maps view allows you to view a global map with various types of data. You can customize it to the information you want to see. Types include: Max Temp, Min Temp, Precipitation, Lightning, IR Sat, UV, Sun Hours, Max RH, Min RH, Wind, Waves, and US Radar. Regions include: The Americas, Europe/Asia, Mid East, Asia, West Pacific, and East Pacific. A toggle for animating the map is available.

The More tab will give you links to the developer's blog, website, and emailing feedback. Swipe and Shake! will inform you that you can swipe to navigate days and shake the device to bring up tomorrow's information. The ability to change the background image is here too.

wt360 Pro by Weather Trends International, Inc. screenshot

wt360 Pro has settings in the device Settings, but even here, it's not much. You enter a zip code for the default location and toggle Fahrenheit Degrees on or off.

The biggest issue I had with this app is that there is no support for multitasking. Every time I would have to tend to something else, I would return to wt360 Pro only to have it reload data. This gets irritating, and it's surprising that a year after iOS 4.0 is introduced, some apps still don't support multitasking or a saved-state. Oh, and that background image that you chose? You'll have to pick it again, since the app forgets what you picked every time you go back to the app.

Another thing I noticed is that some of the graphics aren't optimized for the iPhone 4 Retina Display, and some graphics are. The lack of inconsistency in app graphics bothers me, though this may just be a nitpick of mine.

It seems that if you're the type to want to know the weather ahead of time for a future trip somewhere (or something along those lines), then wt360 Pro may be great for you. Seeing the potential weather ahead of time can help you plan the rest of the trip out.

The app is still useful for weather conditions happening now, but the interface leaves little to be desired. Multitasking needs to be supported.

I would only recommend this for planning trips (within the year). If you don't need to plan trips, you're safe with other choices for weather apps.

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