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Raise Over 300 Monsters In GeoSociety For iPhone

Raise Over 300 Monsters In GeoSociety For iPhone

June 21, 2011
If you ever played Pokemon on any Nintendo handheld, you should feel right at home with GeoSociety. The recently released iPhone game offers its own take on monster-breeding gameplay. Like Pokemon, the game is an RPG focusing on micro-managing monsters that the player (as breeder) takes to battle against other monsters and breeders. The graphics look similar to the Pokemon series in the sense that the game plays from a top-down perspective. Unfortunately, there is a strange control mechanism present in this current version with controls taking up a large part of the touchscreen's view. However, on TouchArcade, the developer states that an update is coming to address this issue; online trading may even be added as well. According to the app description, the game isn't just a Pokemon clone, despite it sharing many similarities. The game also draws inspiration from games like Dragon Warrior Monsters and Revelation Demon Slayer. Here is the list of features GeoSociety offers (taken from the app description):
  • A Complete Storyline and World to Explore.
  • Over 350 Monsters to Tame, Battle and Trade.
  • A Unique 3 vs. 3 Time-Based Battle System.
  • Monster Party of 9.
  • 4 Unique Mission Modes including Zombie Mode.
The storyline revolves around you working for "GeoSociety" by raising "GeoMonsters." Monsters gain abilities and experience points through battle. As in Pokemon and some similar monster-breeding titles, monsters can morph or evolve over time as they gain levels. Attack, defense, speed, and intelligence are the four skill points you can raise to help them become stronger and evolve. With few monster-breeding alternatives, this game should satisfy those with a Pokemon itch. It is nice to also see the developer planning on continuing to improve and support the title. Check out GeoSociety on the App Store for $1.99.

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