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ScoreMyDay Is A Life Tracker For The Statistic Fanatic

ScoreMyDay Is A Life Tracker For The Statistic Fanatic

June 14, 2011
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ScoreMyDay ($1.99) by GapCoders is a goal oriented app that helps the user track progress on specified categories in a variety of ways. It offers reports, trend analyzers and mapped tags.

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I’m a body hacker. I had no idea that I fit into this category until a recent Gizmodo article indicated that those who try to statistically track different facets of their lives in an attempt to improve them have already been labeled as such. I wasn’t always this way, but an iPhone with numerous data recording and tracking capabilities has convinced me that numbers can tell us more about ourselves than we already know.

ScoreMyDay is an app that attempts to allow you to track many different aspects of your life in this manner. What sets it apart from similar apps is its ability to track data in different ways. For each data set you can assign either a rating, value, yes/no answer or calculation label. You can then rate your progress as frequently as you want (even several times a day if desired).

Another unique feature of SMD is the geotagging ability. For each label you can optionally allow GPS coordinates to be attached to every entry. Additionally, you can see if others around you have used the same tag in a social media type integration.

For full body hacking type analysis, reports can be generated over time to see trends in the pounds you are losing, muscles you are gaining or whatever else fits your fancy to track. There is also a function built in called that claims to analyze the data and see if one category has any influence on another. For example, it may say "Running increasing will cause Pounds to go down (medium probability).” This is great but I have my doubts that usable trends can be found with any sort of regularity.

Even with all of the customization bells and whistles that SMD offers, a few missing features almost make it unusable for the inexperienced user. There is absolutely no help within the app to either teach you how to use the features, coach you on how to use them effectively or even help you if you can’t figure something out. There is a website by the developer that offers a few examples, but it is rather unorganized and void of substance.

I wanted to like ScoreMyDay, but the potential is frustratingly marred by a severe lack of direction. Unless a further update gives it a boost, I will stick with my current favorite goal tracker, Life Up, and old fashioned spreadsheets. A brave stats fanatic may very well find this app to their liking but everyone else, hold off for now.

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