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Socialites Will Love This GPS App For Keeping Track Of Workouts

Socialites Will Love This GPS App For Keeping Track Of Workouts

June 11, 2011
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Sports Tracker (Free) by Sports Tracking Technologies Ltd brings its popular app to iOS after having much success with other smart phones. The app offers similar features to other sports apps, but offers a heavy emphasis on social connections.

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Some people like to workout in groups – others alone - it doesn’t really matter your personality. I’m outgoing but somewhat prefer to work out alone. I know some introverts who prefer to work out with others. It just depends on your preference.

Sports Tracker is an app that seeks to make working out a little more socially-oriented. Pull up the GPS map and see past workouts of friends and other Sport Tracker users. If you and your friends download the free app, you can friend each other and keep track of each other’s workouts. A bit of friendly competition is motivation for many of us.

What does this app have to offer? Well, nothing too revolutionary. It offers the same stats and data you’ll find in other apps such as Nike+ GPS or Runkeeper Pro. Speed, time, altitude, logs, GPS tracking, sharing, and photo integration. What makes it a bit unique is it’s focus on social networking. Making friends with other users and encouraging one another within the network and keeping track of each other’s stats. See their workouts past and present on the map. Several other GPS sports apps I have used have set the bar quite high already and I hoped Sports Tracker would be able to compete. After trying it out, I’m happy to say it is a good competitor. And, best of all, it’s free!

I do really like that it’s possible to view a map of other people’s workouts past and present. It’s nice to get an idea for other good places to go for a run, bike ride, or what have you. I'm also pleased that the app is available for other smart phones platforms which adds more variety to the number of friends who can download and interact with you.

Sports Tracker is accurate, easy to use, social and a great accountability tool. Want one of your fit friends to keep track of whether you’re running as often as you said you would? This is the perfect app for you. Keep a log of your workouts and help your friends reach their goals.

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