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Take On Challenging Strategy And Time Management Skills In Royal Envoy

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Royal Envoy HD (Free) by Playrix is a clever and addictive strategy and time management game. You will be captivated for hours in this smooth playing game, as you efficiently complete the required tasks in each level. Royal Envoy has been a very popular computer game for some time, and now you can play it on your iPad in HD.

Royal Envoy HD by Playrix screenshot

You have been appointed to the city chief planner of of Islandshire, the land of many islands. Recently, the islands have been devastated by a terrible storm. Work with your hired help to build and upgrade homes so the residents will survive the rainy season. Then, they will create beautiful handcrafted items for the kingdom to enjoy.

Each level brings on additional challenges. It starts off relatively easy, where you begin to construct homes and collect rent from the residents. Gradually, more elements and tasks are added such as home upgrades, gathering wood from the sawmill, adding workers, clearing roads and building banks, markets and more. Watch out and make sure that in all your quick thinking and responsibilities, your tax collectors don’t miss out on collecting rent! If you miss it, you lose the gold coins for that month.

Royal Envoy HD by Playrix screenshot

There is an enchanting plot woven throughout Royal Envoy. The story unfolds as you continue along in the game. There are nine islands to build up and 63 different levels. Throughout the game, your assistant will guide you with hints for each level. If you prefer, you are able to turn off hints in the settings.

A nice feature about Royal Envoy is any type of gamer will enjoy it. If achieving high scores in the quickest time challenges you, this game will provide that. On the other hand, you can play casually and just enjoy the process, strategy and story. Royal Envoy is integrated into Game Center, where there are several achievements you can earn.

If you are not sure you want to flip for the price of this game, check out the free version first. If you enjoy it, you can unlock the full version from within the app and you will be on your way to hours of enjoyment.

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