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Tower Defense Game A Knights Dawn Gets Updated

Tower Defense Game A Knights Dawn Gets Updated

June 3, 2011
If you are a fan of tower defense games and want a unique game of that genre, check out A Knights Dawn. The game has recently been updated to version 1.001 with various bugs sorted out. This is the best time to grab it as it is a universal app and a new take on this overdone (on the App Store) genre. Instead of enemies coming up to your castle on a side-by-side 2D plane, the game has them come up stairways (or other pathways) from multiple levels. There are also a wide variety of backgrounds to play on, ranging from brick-and-mortar castles to forests and mountains. The game is a medieval take on tower defense, with fantasy elements mixed in. There are also various creatures of many types and sizes to fight. Here is a bit more info about the storyline (from the app description):
"A Knights Dawn" tells the story of a King and his long, hard path to power. Together with his fearless companions and dedicated followers, he must free his homeland from the endless Hordes of evil Invaders. Now its [sic] up to you to take the helm and lead your force to victory!
The graphics are hand drawn and the music has been orchestrated for the game as well. Here is the list of the features A Knights Dawn offers (from the app description):
  • Original hand drawn, brilliant graphics
  • Strategic multilevel defense game
  • Six different units with a variety of capabilities
  • Special attacks
  • Upgrades for units
  • A menu system that develops with you
  • Dramatic original sound effects and voice
  • Original Orchestrated Music
  • Variable controls
  • High Replay value due to different difficulties
  • In game Achievements
  • High definition graphics on the iPhone and the iPad
  • Facebook integration
If you are a fan of the genre and of fantasy-medieval settings, give the game a try. A Knights Dawn is available as a universal app on the App Store for $.99.

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