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Ug: A Prehistoric Adventure Tells The Story Of Life

Ug: A Prehistoric Adventure Tells The Story Of Life

June 24, 2011
Ice Cream Fine Storybooks has released their first interactive book for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad. Ug: A Prehistoric Adventure tells a Stone Age adventure using the marvels of the Information Age, including animations, effects, and narration. The end result is a new, but classic story about recognizing what's most important in life and finding your way home. Despite pleadings from his mother and father, Ug doesn’t want to go to school. Instead, he decides to leave home to spend his life with his animal friends. However, once alone and lost in the vast wilderness, Ug realizes he must swallow his pride and somehow find his way back home to the ones he loves. Created by the brother-sister team of Kate and Patrick Buss, Ug includes a caveman-themed finger painting game, a table of contents accessible from any page in the story, and the customary reading modes (with narration, without narration, or auto-play). Take a look:

This is a fantastic book and comes highly recommended preschool age children. Not only is the story itself great and tells an important story, but the finger painting section will keep kids entertained long after that story ends. Both Ug: A Prehistoric Adventure (for iPad) and Ug: A Prehistoric Adventure - Mobile (for iPhone/iPod touch) are available in the App Store now for $.99 each.

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