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WakeMate 2.0 Is Sleek and Simple

WakeMate 2.0 Is Sleek and Simple

by DM
June 18, 2011
WakeMate, the sleep analysis system we reviewed a few weeks ago, just hit version 2.0. With the jump in version number there are many improvements to the UI, including better tagging, simpler setup, and a streamlined "data" view that lets you browse your sleep charts much more easily within the app. Even better, the app no longer demands an Internet connection every morning. WakeMate is now able to save sleep data for several nights running-- great if you're out vacationing in the middle of nowhere. (Then again, with the WakeMate's dependence on a USB port to charge, this scenario is a bit unlikely.) In general, the 2.0 update fixes some longstanding flaws in the WakeMate package, and makes it a lot easier to use. I'm a big fan of the WakeMate-- but if you haven't gotten yours yet, this version might be enough to convince you!

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