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Walt Disney World Pro Brings Disney To Your iPhone

Walt Disney World Pro Brings Disney To Your iPhone

June 27, 2011
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Walt Disney World Pro ($4.99) by TimeStream Software is the all-in-one iPhone app for Disney-goers. If you’re planning a trip to the parks in Orlando this app will be of great use to you. The app is an excellent guide to the in’s and out’s of Walt Disney World. There are detailed maps, summaries of rides and shows, as well as general park information.

Each attraction (i.e. rides or shows) has its own page within the app. This page has two tabs, the first is a description with pictures of the attraction. The description also displays three icons, that tell the estimated wait time, if FASTPASS is available, and the minimum height requirements if applicable. Unfortunately, the estimated wait time feature says n/a for the majority of rides, so it is not helpful at all.

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The second page is called tips & strategy, it gives advice on how to enjoy each attraction to its fullest. While some of the information on the tips & strategy page is common sense, there are several gems included. For instance, some rides have hours where they are busiest and they are outlined on this page.

The dining section of the app lists all the restaurants found in different areas of each park. Menus, cost, and reservation information is provided. This is very useful for those who need to make reservations at some of the fancier locations, as the app does have each restaurant’s phone number included.

The maps in Walt Disney World Pro are very useful. Don’t worry about keeping track of individual park maps again, because this app has detailed maps of all four parks right there, on your iPhone. Aside from the parks themselves, Walt Disney World Pro also has information regarding the 18 Walt Disney World Resorts. Each resort has a detailed page with photos and further information on its rooms and amenities.

Overall, Walt Disney World Pro is a handy tool for anyone visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. There is plenty of useful information is available through the app in one convenient location. Although $4.99 is rather steep for an app, if you’re already spending hundreds to go to Disney an extra few bucks for this app won’t make dent your wallet but will enhance your experience.

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