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Win A Copy Of MosaicHD!

Win A Copy Of MosaicHD!

June 30, 2011
Here’s an iPad app intended for children, even very young ones, but even as an adult, I find it enjoyable and relaxing as well. Create a mosaic from a template, or design one yourself. The appealing graphics and sounds enhance the experience. Creating mosaics is easy, simply choose a template or a blank board to design your own. Drop the colorful pins in place with a touch. Once you have done some mosaics, you can tap “My Gallery” to see all the pieces you’ve completed. What’s really cool is you can tap “Public” to see what all the other users have created! Tap on someone’s masterpiece, and you can rate it, add to it, or “Play” it! You’ll never run out of pictures to play, because other users are always creating more. MosaicHD is simply delightful. The soothing music, the colorful shiny pins, the cool clicking sound as you run your finger across the screen dropping pins in your wake...It reminds me a little bit of playing Lite Brite as a girl. Whether you have kids or not, but especially if you do have little ones, this is definitely worth the buck to download. But we have teamed with the developer to offer five promo codes up for our readers. Simply comment below by tomorrow, July 1, 8:00 a.m. EDT, for your chance to win. Or, retweet this article. You can enter each way once, for a total of two entries. Good luck!   [gallery link="file"]

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