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A Multiplayer Dual-Stick Shooter Is Hitting The App Store Tonight

A Multiplayer Dual-Stick Shooter Is Hitting The App Store Tonight

July 20, 2011
Crescent Moon Games, the developers of such iOS hits as Aralon and the recent Pocket RPG, have just surprised us with the release of a new game in the dual-stick genre. Deadlock: Online is hitting the US App Store later tonight, and is already available in New Zealand. Despite having single player practice and bot sessions available, the game is a competitive multiplayer-focused shooter. Up to eight players are able to compete simultaneously online. Various game modes are also available like: deathmatch, team deathmatch, as well as capture and hold. The game pits terrorists against counter terrorists; pick your side wisely. Deadlock: Online is currently offerred for free and doesn't come with any ads. Grab it now before the price is raised. You'll be able to either earn or purchase better equipment via in-app purchases as well. Crescent Moon seems to have made the title appeal to ultra-competitive gamers because the app description states tournaments and online rankings will also be included. Only five maps are available so far, but more should be available via updates. The game has also been released as a universal app so iPad owners can get in on the action as well. You can currently grab the title on the NZ App Store for free.

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