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A New iPhone Case Will Open Your Bottles With Ease

July 7, 2011
Everyone says that phones can do just about anything these days and an Australian duo are out to make sure that remains true. For those who have ever been in the situation where no bottle opener was found, your iPhone just might help you out. During those bottle opener-less times, someone in the group may try using their teeth, or try the pound it on the counter trick, but now you can be the hero and pull out a nifty opener right from your iPhone case. Rob Ward and Chris Peters from Melbourne Australia have created a case, which contains a slide out bottle opener. The case is named “Opena” which would make even those from the Bronx sound Australian. There were some requirements when the Aussies first set out to create such a device. They wanted to make sure the opener stood no chance of scratching or putting pressure on the phone and they wanted the case to be slim. The pair has done extensive testing on their creation, including extreme circumstances such as shaking up the bottle. The iPhone came out dry and undamaged every time. Ward and Peters have secured more than enough funding through the website and will soon begin producing their creation. They plan to sell the Opena for $39.95 beginning this August. If you are really excited about this idea, you can pledge $1000 on the Kickstarter website and receive 60 Opena’s shipped right to your door! I think a more useful idea would be for this bottle opener to double as a kickstand. Then at least there would be a dual purpose, which would make it worth carrying around a case with a metal device stuck to the back. Want to see how the Opena actually works? Check out the video below. Also, let us know if you plan to purchase your very own Opena when they come available! Do you still fear your iPhone could be damaged?