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Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 3 To Registered Developers [Updated]

Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 3 To Registered Developers [Updated]

July 11, 2011
Just minutes ago, Apple released the third beta version of iOS 5 to members of their developer program. This release comes two weeks after the last one, but brings, as far as we've been told, very little in the way of changes. Mostly, this release improves, once again, the stability and performance of the system. Note that this update also arrived as a full-size firmware that had to be downloaded from Apple, and not as a Delta update delivered over-the-air as was recently speculated. The first change you'll notice is that Apple is being more straightforward about the data it uses and collects for its location services. Now during the activation, you'll have the chance to pick whether you want to take advantage of the feature as noticed by 9to5mac. They also reveal you'll be able to fine-tune what location services are allowed to do:
Location Service Setting Installation
You'll also be happy to learn about two small visual changes; iMessage got a slightly improved icon according to CoM's John Browlee, and the Wi-Fi settings panel now includes more details about the feature. Not to mention two new ringtones called Tweet and Sherwood Forest, but ringtones seem a bit buggy in this release. Other details we heard are: just as with the second beta, users of this third beta won't be able to interact through iMessage with devices running the first beta. Further, Apple has included a new version of mobile Safari that adds better HTML5 support and a lot of small improvements. We haven't been able to confirm if FaceTime is working again, but its icon is missing from the settings app so that's not looking too good. However, the Camera app is now much quicker to launch. A new beta version of iTunes is also required to fully take advantage of this release. So once again, here is the changelog:
  • Considerable Speed and Stability Improvements
  • Voice Roaming Toggle - turn off voice when on vacation
  • No Delta Update
  • Improved Safari Mobile & Better HTML5 Support
  • New Location Services Warning
  • New Location Services Settings
  • New Reminders App Icon
  • Two New Ringtones
  • Faster Camera App
  • Setup Procedure Has Additional Polish and Animations
  • Custom Text Tones
  • iPod App Will Notify You Of The New Separate Video App on first launch (screenshot below)
We'll update this post with any new features or changes that come to our attention. If you find anything, don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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