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Build The Roman Empire With Roads Of Rome HD

Build The Roman Empire With Roads Of Rome HD

July 28, 2011
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Roads of Rome HD ($2.99) by Realore is an iPad-only time management game that sprinkles in a bit of "The Sims" with a side of strategy. Follow the love story of Victorius and his deep feelings for Caesar’s daughter as the Roman leader attempts to thwart their love by sending Victorius off on a lengthy mission to keep them apart.

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Your job as Caesar’s best soldier is to lead a group of men in building the roads of Rome. You must also travel to unexplored areas, weeding out dangers and preparing for civilization. You must learn how to manage your time with each soldier under your charge. Your men must cut down trees in order to have enough wood to build roads, but they must also pick berries to help keep up their stamina. After a short time, you will be able to build sawmills and farms at your campsites, but those luxuries will cost wood and food to build. As the levels increase, so do the obstacles. You must build bridges, fill in swamps and scare away the wolves that enter your camp. You will gain extra points for completing your tasks within the “expert” amount of time, but no matter what, you must complete them before time runs out or you will have to try again.

Overall, this game is well designed and includes multiple gaming styles. You must help your men take care of themselves while strategizing on how to get the job done, but you must also complete your tasks in a limited amount of time. The graphics work well with the game and the sound track fits the mood. The replay value is high since you can improve your scores by finishing the levels faster. Roads of Rome is reasonably priced at $2.99. Fans of time management and strategy games will enjoy Roads of Rome HD.

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