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Chemistry 101 With Elements HD

Chemistry 101 With Elements HD

July 7, 2011
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Elements HD ($0.99) by William Gauspohl is a convenient reference tool for anyone studying chemistry. Learning about elements and their atomic composition is a must in chemistry, so Elements HD brings an interactive periodic table to your iPad.

One of the best things about Elements HD is its simplicity. I have yet to find a reference app so well designed. There are only two screens from which all the information about the period table and its elements are displayed. The first is the master view of the periodic table. The table is shown with vivid color to help distinguish between different types of elements (i.e. alkali metals, transition metals, noble gases, etc.). The second view is the compare view. Here up to four elements can be compared based on their physical properties, atomic properties, and ionization levels.

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From the period table view, users can tap once on an element to have its properties shown at the top of the screen. Information like the atomic mass, atomic number, name, melting/boiling point, and electron configuration are displayed. If you need more detailed information, tap once again on the element in the table and more information appears.

The only addition to the app would be a short page that explains how to read the periodic table. This would make Elements HD great for children, and serve as a refresher for adults.

I find Elements HD to be a visually appealing and powerful research tool. I highly recommend this app to anyone studying chemistry, or who uses the periodic table. Elements HD caters to everyone, providing useful information without clutter.

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