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Cordy Comes To iOS From Android

Cordy Comes To iOS From Android

July 28, 2011
Visually stunning and charming platformer, Cordy, has recently made an appearance as a universal app on the App Store. The game was previously available on the Android Marketplace and really made a splash among platforming-game fans. The title offers some of the best 2.5D gaming found on any mobile platform. It has traditional side-scrolling gameplay mixed with gorgeous 3D backgrounds and 3D character models. The game gives a feeling of depth in the sense you can see interaction occurring in the backgrounds. Cordy also offers some puzzle solving, requiring you to push and pull on various objects to advance in the game. The game has 27 levels in total, but you won't be seeing most of them without an IAP. The free download comes with just four levels, according to the app description. Go ahead and grab Cordy for free on the App Store and check it out. You can always unlock it later with an in-app purchase.

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