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Crayon Canyon, A Physics-Based Game That Defies Physics

Crayon Canyon, A Physics-Based Game That Defies Physics

July 19, 2011
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Crayon Canyon ($0.99) by Cavernicola Games is a physics-based game of miniature golf that goes out of its way to stop you from getting to your destination. Getting a hole-in-one is no easy feat in this obstacle-laden course.

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There are seven worlds for you to play. In order to unlock each world, you must earn a certain number of stars. For example, it takes 10 stars to unlock world two, but 25 stars to unlock world three. Each world has 10 levels, giving you the chance to earn anywhere from one to three stars on each. If you are highly skilled at physics-based games, you could potentially unlock the second world after only the fourth level. Good luck with that.

You are lining up and shooting a golf ball with the goal of getting to the hole under par. Each level gets exponentially more difficult to complete, especially within the goal. There are twirling platforms, spikes, near-impossible shooting angles, and all other manner of obstacles waiting to crush your game playing spirit. As you get further along in the game, you are given items to help get you through some of the more difficult terrain. I personally did not make it far enough to enjoy these bonuses.

This game will be the golden goose for diehard fans of the physics-based game genre. It is as challenging as you could hope to imagine. Even if you are a pro at lining up and shooting the perfect shot, you will be on the verge of throwing your iDevice at the wall while playing this one. I couldn’t get past the first world after an hour of play. I tend to lose interest quickly in games that go so far beyond my abilities, but for players that have a knack for it, or have spent too many hours practicing their shots, this will be a great way to spend their candy bar money. If you fancy yourself a pro at physics-based games, Crayon Canyon will put you in your place.

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