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CurveBot Available As A Universal App

CurveBot Available As A Universal App

July 14, 2011
A 3D puzzle game that features colorful landscapes has hit the App Store. The game is called CurveBot and it has been released as a universal app. The gameplay consists of freeing friendly characters and avoiding enemy drones. There are a wide variety of these drones to overcome and various "clever coins" to utilize in the game. What makes the title stand out is how the levels are integrated with the gameplay. To free these friends, you will have to cut parts of the level out, hence the curve in the title. You use onscreen buttons to control the bot. Curvebot offers 60 levels to play through with 10 worlds to explore. Here is the full list of features (from the app description):
  • Great original gameplay - Free your Fiery Friends and avoid the Drones.
  • Finely tuned multitouch gives you precise Curvebot control.
  • Gorgeous 3D graphics - supports retina display and a super silky smooth 60 frames per second.
  • Full built-in tutorial to keep the head-scratching to a minimum.
  • 60 levels over 10 worlds - hours of fun & bags of variety.
  • 8 types of Drone to contend with - each with unique AI to keep your mind racing.
  • 7 types of "Clever Coin" - each with unique powers to help you in your quest.
  • 10 bonus challenges - for when you get good at this game.
  • 3 Special levels - for extra giggles!
  • Action replay at the end of each level.
  • Content suitable for all ages.
  • Full Game Centre support.
  • Supports iPod background music.
CurveBot is available on the App Store for $1.99.

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