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Dragontape Will Make Your Party Better By Working Like A Cassette Mixtape

Dragontape Will Make Your Party Better By Working Like A Cassette Mixtape

July 10, 2011
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Dragontape (Free) by Dragontape is a mixtape themed app that allows you to combine YouTube videos or Soundcloud clips together. It is universal, features social media sharing options and is free for a limited time.

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The job of a club DJ has changed dramatically in the past decade. For many, the job has gone from lugging around crates of CDs to just making sure they have their iPhone or iPad with them. There are dozens of turntable and mix apps available to make this job easier and Dragontape adds its own utility to the group by letting you make long mixes and share them with the world.

Dragontape actually originated as a web client before it was ultimately ported to iOS. The entire theme beckons to a yesteryear when we had to manually mash-up Boys II Men with Chumbawumba by recording different cassettes onto one. Your mixes are called “Tapes” and when you are done you push the “Eject” button.

Like many of the more popular apps coming out these days, social media is deeply integrated into DT. You can share your tapes via email, Twitter, Facebook or the Dragontape community. Conversely, you can browse tapes made by other users from the home screen under the latest, hot, popular or staff picks tabs. You can also mark tapes for future reference.

The interface steals the show and is one slick piece of coding. Videos are smoothly dragged from the search area into your tape. Songs can be moved, rearranged effortlessly, and fades can be added as desired.

The downside to all of this is that there isn’t much beyond rearranging videos. You can’t trim or do any editing to the music you chose. You also can’t save your mixes on your device for later viewing if you aren’t near an Internet connection.

Still, Dragontape has its place and will find many fans. The developer also says AirPlay is coming soon which I believe will really change the game. At that point, it will be very easy to make video mixes for parties and broadcast them on your big screen.

Dragontape is an interesting concept executed with a slick interface and wrapped in a fun theme. The feature set isn’t deep, but this app is quickly evolving into a very capable party tool, especially since it can be used on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

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