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Easily Find Facebook Photos With PhotoGrabber

Easily Find Facebook Photos With PhotoGrabber

July 12, 2011

Update: Sadly PhotoGrabber has discontinued its service since April 30, 2015. However, JP has outlined quite a few good alternatives at:

PhotoGrabber by MindsLab iconPhotoGrabber ($0.99) by MindsLab is a photography app that lets you easily download photos from your Facebook contacts directly into your iPhone’s photo library. You can also quickly upload pictures to your Facebook feed from your camera. PhotoGrabber is on sale for 50 percent off for a limited time.

The app will first ask you to log into Facebook and follow the usual protocol to allow access to your account. Once logged in, you will immediately see all of your contacts, listed alphabetically. After you have selected a name you will see a list of albums from that person’s Facebook account, including photos that they have been tagged in. You can then select an album and pick a photo to either download to your camera roll or save as a contact picture. You will not be able to download pictures from those who have their account set to private.

In addition to downloading pictures from Facebook, PhotoGrabber allows you to easily upload photod by either choosing an existing one from your iPhone’s camera roll, or taking one from within the app. You can also post your thoughts to Facebook without a picture attached.

One thing I don’t like about this app is that it is ugly. There is no attention to style or attempt to make it a creative experience for the user. You just get a list of contacts and their photos, set against a white background.

Overall, this app is a great way to see only the important stuff on Facebook; the pictures, without all the messy thoughts, links and game announcements that friends like to post. It works exactly as it claims with a simplified user interface. Although it is ugly to look at, it works perfectly to give you immediate access to download your friend’s Facebook pictures. The best feature is that you can save any photo to your iPhone’s contacts with just a tap.

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