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GAIN Fitness Does Gainer, Makes Splash In App Store With New Training App

GAIN Fitness Does Gainer, Makes Splash In App Store With New Training App

July 12, 2011
Those of you that have followed my posts since I started at AppAdvice are probably aware that, in addition to being a gadget-loving congenital (and congenial!) goof, I'm a practicing, certified personal trainer. As such, I've often perused the App Store in search of that mythical, top-flight iOS training suite to recommend to friends and clients. I've yet to find it. Sure, there are a lot of decent ones out there, but the vast majority are conceptually limited and too general or assumptive. Additionally, while most present exercises that are tried and true (and usually traditional in everyday gym practice), no app has been able to satisfactorily promote the calm, steady patience and encouragement that new trainees so desperately need. In other words, no app is going to make you go to a gym, and no app is going to make you work out once you get there. So, based on my view of what a personal trainer's job really is (or should be), I've nearly lost all hope that a truly exceptional training app would ever even be made and released. Hopefully, though, one day one will. And maybe one already has. GAIN Fitness, an online and mobile training service headquartered in San Francisco, CA, today released their promising iPhone app. Based on what I've so far seen, the interface and features are comparatively high-class, as is the program's low cost of entry. Furthermore, GAIN puts actual people behind its product, offering potential users the chance to meet the minds behind the moves. You can visit the group here, and that kind of honesty is really refreshing. As for the app itself, it offers the following features:
  • 700+ exercises: Movements tailored for strength, plyometrics, callisthenics, or yoga.
  • Adaptive Routines: Creates exercise chains based on free time, fitness level, body, goals and other lifestyle factors.
  • Workout tracking: Recommends exact exercises, sets, reps and rests, so tracking becomes a “check-the-box” experience.
  • Workout pacing: Keeps you moving, provides optimal rest goals, manages rest times between sets to focus energy utilization and short-term muscle recovery.
  • "Muscle confusion" principle – Employ different workouts every time to keep things fresh, randomizing workouts within a formula designed for you.
  • Full website synching of tracked data.
The video below does a good job of showing off the app's capabilities: All in all, the app does look pretty great. Ultimately, though, any desire to seek your physical potential cannot be commercialized or "appified." A good trainer's most important function, after all, is to help those that need to change but are reluctant to do so. However, if you've already got that willpower and determination, GAIN Fitness, at only $2.99 on iTunes, might be just what the doctor (trainer?) ordered. Shoot, it might be the first training app I ever buy, too!

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