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iMovie '11 Ties Up Loose End, Finally Accepts Imports From iOS App

iMovie '11 Ties Up Loose End, Finally Accepts Imports From iOS App

July 19, 2011
iMovie '11 -- much like its mobile counterpart -- just keeps getting better. Updated about a week ago to version 9.0.4, the new iteration includes the regular bug fixes and stability enhancements. However, in an unexpected (and, somehow, largely undiscussed) move, Apple managed to toss in one seriously noteworthy feature: iMovie for Mac can now open imported videos from iMovie for iOS! To be honest, I didn't know the previous build couldn't do that. Since they're both called iMovie, I naturally assumed the two were compatible from the start. Naivete aside, though, it's nice to know that iMovie fans can now easily access a (potential) ton of additional content. Noted on Apple's website, the latest update also:
  • Fixes an issue where some audio adjustments were not preserved.
  • Addresses a performance issue when using large quantities of video clips with keywords.
  • Resolves issue with slow application launch when working with large iPhoto libraries.
I'll see you at Sundance!

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