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Is This An iPhone 5 Case?

Is This An iPhone 5 Case?

July 27, 2011
As we await the official word on when the iPhone 5 is to be released, consider these rumored case designs for the next-generation iDevice, which first made the rounds at The design, “sourced to Mobile Fun from a Chinese case manufacturer,” shows an iDevice with a larger display and a curved construction than the current iPhone 4 model. We’re not sure of the authenticity of these designs. However, our friends at MacRumors suggest they aren’t accurate. They state:
We suspect all of the images and information are coming from a common source, but we don't necessarily believe it to be true…we received a reliable tip that this is not what the iPhone 5 will look like. As well, several other credible news outlets have said that the iPhone 5 will "look largely similar to the current iPhone 4".
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