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Keep Your Secrets Safe With JournalPad

Keep Your Secrets Safe With JournalPad

July 28, 2011
journal.APP by CostmoSoft iconjournalPad ($3.99) by CostmoSoft is a daily journal for the iPad that allows you to lock your entries, protecting them from prying eyes. Writers of teen angst poetry and fan fiction should always have a way to keep their secret desires as locked up as possible.   
journal.APP by CostmoSoft screenshotThis writing app offers a huge selection of fonts, seven different colors of paper, and the ability to search for a specific word from within a journal entry. You can keep multiple diaries, add pictures, and export files by either emailing them or by adding them directly to your computer using iTunes file sharing. You can also print your journal entries through AirPrint right from the app.  Not only can you set a password for your journal, you can set different passwords for different entries. If you are co-writing adult-themed fan fiction about Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine with your hubby, but don’t want the kids to stumble across it, set a password that only he will know. If you are planning a surprise party for said hubby, that your kids are helping with, feel free to put the schedule of events in the same app and set a password that only they will know. Everyone is safe and happy. The features and options do not work properly when your iPad is in portrait mode. You can easily flip your journal to landscape and view all of the features that the app has to offer, but in portrait, if you try to change the color of your paper or search for a word, there is no way of exiting out of that section. Hopefully, the developers will find a way to make everything usable in both landscape and portrait mode.  
Overall, this is a clean, easy to use and nicely laid out app. Having multiple journal entries that can be individually password protected is what really makes it special. Be sure to flip your iPad to landscape mode if you want all of the features and options to be available. At $3.99, it is reasonably priced, and for those who write on a daily basis, this is the perfect app.

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