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Make Your iPhone Look Hard To Steal With The BookBook Case

Make Your iPhone Look Hard To Steal With The BookBook Case

July 27, 2011
The Mac accessory company, Twelve South, has just released a new iPhone case, which looks like a vintage holy book, such as a Bible. Fool friends and strangers while looking like a holy individual walking down the street, as you catch up on your news headlines or sports scores!

Nowhere in their advertisement do they say it is intended to look like a sacred book, so it is not clear if this was intentional. However, this one sure looks like that holy book you would see on your grandmother’s bookshelf. Students who attend private schools can now fool their religion instructors and look like the teacher's pet as they read their Bible in class. They will never know they are texting their best friend about Friday night plans.

Twelve South also sells other vintage looking book cases for devices such as the iPad and MacBook Air, but those don’t look anything like a Bible. Maybe it looks this way by default, since the size of the iPhone is pretty comparable to that of a pocket Bible. This vintage case also doubles as a wallet and provides credit card slots and a place to hold your money. The only thing strange about this, however, is your ID and credit cards are all exposed when you talk on the phone. There are some security benefits to this $60 accessory, after all, who would steal a Bible? That alone may be worth the investment. However, if someone does get brave and steal your book, you are in double trouble with the loss of your iPhone and wallet. Currently, this clever little case is only for the iPhone 4, so iPod touch and earlier iPhone users, you are out of luck. Check out the promotional video below, and let us know what you think of this one of a kind accessory!

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