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Official Native Google+ App Now Available To Download

July 19, 2011
After almost two weeks of the approval process, Apple has finally released the official, native Google+ client for the iPhone. It's available right now free of charge. As a reminder, Google+ is Google's new social layer for the web currently in beta (invitation only). Similar to Facebook, it allows people to separate their friends into circles, and share all sorts of online content with them, as well as interact live over video chat. The app, released a few minutes ago, allows you to access, and share content easily from your iPhone as well as chat with your circles using the "huddle" messaging feature. Unfortunately, we're hearing it doesn't currently work on the beta version of iOS 5 so I'm afraid many of the most enthusiastic users of the service won't be able to take advantage of it. Also, the app is only compatible with the iPhone or iPod touch and not the iPad at the moment for some reason. If you're already on Google+, let me also remind you that AppAdvice has its very own profile as well at, so make sure to add us to your circles. Google+ For iOS is available on the App Store now, free of charge.

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