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Pixelbite Games Reveals Reckless Getaway

Pixelbite Games Reveals Reckless Getaway

July 13, 2011
A follow-up to the EA-published arcade game, Reckless Racing, has been announced. Developers are hard at work again creating a fun vehicle-based game for iOS called Reckless Getaway. The game isn't a direct sequel, however, but a follow-up that changes the gameplay a bit. According to TouchArcade, gameplay will be based around police chases and the player will be taking the role of the getaway car. Think of Need for Speed, but from a top-down viewpoint. "Instead of standard race tracks, there will be 16 different tracks that feature a long stretch of terrain filled with objects and other traffic to avoid. The goal is to escape the police who are chasing after you, and Pixelbite pegs the classic Spyhunter as their main inspiration with a bit of the Burnout series thrown in for good measure," TouchArcade explains. Pixelbite Games has showcased the upcoming title with a trailer. Here it is: No release date has been set for Reckless Getaway, but look for it soon.

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