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Platform And Puzzle Gaming Collide With Cavorite

Platform And Puzzle Gaming Collide With Cavorite

July 6, 2011
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Cavorite ($1.99) by Cascadia Games LLC is a side-scrolling, 16-bit graphic puzzle game that will keep you engrossed and playing for hours until you’ve beaten every level, or the sun starts to rise.

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The game offers three different worlds, but only one is unlocked. Enter the Deep Caverns and complete 21 levels to move onto the next world. There are 63 levels in all with over 60 Game Center achievements. The goal of each level is to get to the exit by maneuvering around obstacles and picking up parts for your spaceship. Along the way you will fight enemies and try to grab your spaceship parts before your captors get them.

To achieve your goal, you must move steel boxes on top of triggers in order to get to areas that are otherwise blocked off. In addition to moving the box to the left or right, you are able to use a special weapon to make the box lift off the ground and if you grab onto it, it will bring you up with it. You must time your moves and figure out how to get the steel box to trigger the correct action while racing against the clock and avoiding the enemy. Each level is more difficult and adds more puzzles to solve, such as: how to get to the floating platform and grab the part before the steel box drops back to the floor.

The gameplay is fun and the graphics are clever. The soundtrack fits the game perfectly, but if you start to get tired of it, there is a sound button on the main screen. If you have trouble unlocking a level and have played it way too many times, you will be asked if you would like to skip the level. This is the perfect way to keep a player from getting so frustrated that they stop playing entirely. There is also Twitter integration so that you can send your results to your followers.

Overall, this platform-puzzle combo game is loads of fun and has a familiar old school feel to it with the 16-bit graphics. The puzzles are challenging, but if you can’t get past a level, you can skip it. You will not be disappointed with the amount of play that this game has to offer. I’d like it to only be a dollar, but I have to admit that even at two bucks, it really is a great deal.

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