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PubbleBop Is A New Way To Play Match Three

PubbleBop Is A New Way To Play Match Three

July 18, 2011
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PubbleBop ($0.99) by Julian Crooke is a unique game that has some similarity to match-three gameplay, but fits into a category all its own. Fans of match-three gaming will enjoy the fresh, new way to collect points with this app.

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There are two different games in PubbleBop, Classic and Competition. In Classic mode, you must unlock each level by scoring enough points to gain a star. In Competition mode, you are given a random set of obstacles and you must collect as many points as possible until your game ends. Your score will be added to the app’s leader board where you can view the top 10 games played on your iDevice, or view the online top scores.

The goal of the game is to keep the Pubbles alive by keeping them on the board. You must make new Pubbles by matching three or more of the same color in a row. Each new match after the first three gives you more Pubbles on the board. Keep the sequence of colors going for as long as possible for the highest score. The difficulty begins when you have so many Pubbles on the board that they start to bump into each other. It becomes increasingly difficult to avoid accidently tapping the wrong color, thus ending your run.

Each level gets harder by adding a new obstacle that you must deal with while making new Pubbles. There are things like black holes that suck Pubbles to their doom, birds that peck Pubbles out of existence, and level clearers that push Pubbles off the screen and out of your reach.

Along with obstacles, there are special Pubbles that will help you in your game. There is a Pubble that, when popped, will turn into a snowflake, allowing you to freeze everything on the board to have additional time to rack up more points. There is one that turns into a magnet, pulling all Pubbles in one color toward it for easy collection. There is also one that turns into a balloon that forces air out, letting you push your Pubbles back toward the top of the screen and further from extinction.

The game is challenging, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier to rack up higher scores. The soundtrack can get irritating and there is no way to shut it off, but that is the only complaint I had.

Overall, this game is creative and fun. It is very addictive and offers hours of gameplay. You can replay levels over and over to get better scores and the online competition will keep you coming back for more. At a mere $0.99 you almost can’t live without this match-three style game.

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