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Play Bad Cop, Bad Cop In Gameloft's New Action Shooter 9mm

Play Bad Cop, Bad Cop In Gameloft's New Action Shooter 9mm

July 19, 2011
9mm by Gameloft icon

Gameloft has released a new game, 9mm ($6.99), and it is a new shooter similar to other Gameloft action games. Clean up the streets and ultimately protect your unit while doing whatever you can, even breaking the law, to make it happen.

9mm by Gameloft screenshot

You'll probably want to keep the kids away from this game, because it is pretty vulgar. But if you're into that kind of thing, it can be pretty amusing.

At the beginning, choose to play through single player story mode or multiplayer mode. Also, in the story mode, you can choose between easy, normal, and hard difficulty.

In single player mode, it's a typical story mode play through. You're John "Loose" Cannon, the leader of a group of cops who do whatever they can — legal or not — to clean up the streets. Your goal is to eventually get the kingpin of a drug ring who is after your entire team for killing his brother and stealing his money. Cannon and his team want to get the drug dealer before he gets them.

Multiplayer mode includes four different maps and you can play with up to 12 players. It wasn't that fun for me, though. Gameplay pretty much just consisted of me running out of a room and getting killed instantly by some guy camping one spot. It's like playing with Counter Strike hackers (which is essentially every CS player now). After a while, it's just annoying and you give up. I guess I just can't get with the program; the controls make it too difficult to maneuver in iOS.

The controls follow suit with most other Gameloft action games like BackStab, Order & Chaos, and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. But trust me, this one is not as good as Rainbow Six. There is a directional pad for movement, while you may swipe your finger from side to side to look around; however, there is no free roaming, which bugs me. There are buttons to shoot, reload, and crouch as well.

You can tap on doors to kick them open, windows to crawl out of them, and swipe up to jump on top of things. You're even able to do shake downs. These mostly just consist of tapping repeatedly while random, crass threats pop up on the screen.

One of the cool things is slow motion mode; tap the clock button to start playing in this mode. You can run around and empty clips, watching the bullets sail by slowly and watching your opponents fall. This can make it easier to get kills, in my opinion; not to mention the awesomeness of watching your enemies get penetrated by bullets in a slow and painful, but delightful, fashion.

Every time something relevant happens, it seems there is a cut scene to a video. Although you can always skip them, the fact that they pop up so often — and are so long — is really irritating. There should be an option in settings that says, "No cut scenes! No! Stop!"

9mm by Gameloft screenshot

The game has pretty spectacular graphics. It is universal, but costs a whopping seven dollars in the App Store.

If you enjoy these console-like shooters on iOS, it may be worth it to you. But I found the controls awkward and cut scenes intrusive. I enjoyed BackStab and Rainbow Six much more.

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