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Surf, Chat, And Stream Video With Apollo: Browser+Facebook Chat For iPad

Surf, Chat, And Stream Video With Apollo: Browser+Facebook Chat For iPad

July 19, 2011
Apollo:Browser+Facebook chat by icon

Apollo:Browser+Facebook chat (Free) by offers two options that other iPad browsers don't. It allows the user to stream video and surf the web simultaneously. Apollo also integrates Facebook chat.

The application's most recent update optimized Google Reader for the iPad. The browser now offers a two pane view that works just as it would on a laptop or desktop.

Apollo:Browser+Facebook chat by screenshot

Apollo's Facebook chat mimics the site's web-based chat. Contact profile pictures and availability appear in a list which is located in the lower right, which is the same place it can be found on Facebook. It is easy to chat with more than one friend at a time because each chat session opens in a new tab across the bottom of the screen.

To get a little time away from chat, either go offline through Facebook, or disable chat in Apollo's settings. More than one person can use Facebook chat, and this can be done by simply going to settings, and selecting "change account." Apollo remembers a user until they sign out.

Apollo's own nifty little video player pops out, so a user may continue to browse the web while watching a video. The video has to be selected and running before you can pop it out. Once the video is popped out the user may play and pause it, as well as toggle between full screen and a small window that is tethered to the upper-right corner of the browser.

Apollo isn't Flash-enabled, and although most videos could be popped out directly from their website, others may require the user to go to YouTube or Vimeo to get the video to pop out and stream properly. Some sites, such as Netflix, block web streaming on the iPad so that users will access content through their iPad app instead.

The browser's home screen is configured to allow a user to access Google reader and "Hot Sites!" At times an icon advertising a free app, such as Pretty Pet Salon HD, would also pop up on the home screen.

Browsing using Apollo was slightly better than using Safari. Apollo supports tabs and includes an optional page down button. Swiping left or right navigates through the open tabs.

It was simple to bookmark a URL, and edit the bookmark later. Apollo also allows a user to email a URL without leaving the browser.

Apollo:Browser+Facebook chat by screenshot

Surfing the web while watching video could be very useful, particularly to watch live streams of sporting events such as the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament or the Olympics.

Unfortunately, the application's utility is still limited until Apple allows a user to choose her own default browser. When (hopefully not if) that day comes, Apollo will be a solid choice.

Apollo is free to download in the App Store, and is worth a try.

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