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How Long Can You Bartend With Barman Hero?

How Long Can You Bartend With Barman Hero?

July 6, 2011
Barman Hero by Ricardo Mantero icon

Barman Hero ($0.99) by Ricardo Mantero is an arcade game for your iOS devices that doesn't look like much, but will certainly amuse you and slowly become a bit addictive.

Our hero, Barman, is quite the bartender. He also has quite a bouffant going on atop his noggin and he wears a tight t-shirt. Once you complete a bar level, he even does some flexing. This guy screams "Fraternity Beer Pong Champ."

Barman Hero by Ricardo Mantero screenshot

The goal of this game is to fill up some mugs and send the brewskies flying down the bar to the thirsty patrons. Tap the tap — no, really, tap the beer tap next to the bar you're serving — to pour a brewski and then slide your finger down the bar to send it.

If the patrons want another drink, they will slide the glasses back your way. You must catch them all before they slide off the end of the bar and shatter.

Sometimes the customers will be distracted by the band playing, so be careful not to send drinks their way until you have their attention. They will also tip you — but only once in a while — and, if they do, press and hold your finger on the screen to run down the bar and collect your money.

There are 20 stages total, with a few bonuses as well. Your boss essentially has you play a game of "Find The Beer Can That Hasn't Been Shaken Up." I would really like to work for this boss if the mandatory jobs include playing the "Find The Cup" game.

Barman Hero by Ricardo Mantero screenshot

I was a bit skeptical myself when trying this out, but it soon became pretty fun (and addictive). The music and sound effects set the mood, however, the graphics may leave a bit to be desired.

This is a universal game and it's only one dollar. If you want to try it for free, there is also a universal free app. I would suggest trying the free app first and going from there.

What would a bar tending game review be without a bad bar joke, you ask? I was thinking the exact same thing!

A guy walks into a bar on top of a skyscraper. He sits down next to a buff looking guy who looks like he had a little more booze than he can handle. The buff guy looks at the bartender and then at the inebriated guy and says, "Hey, did you know that this building is constructed in such a way that if I were to jump out the window, the wind would glide me safely to the ground?" The man, who decided he could use a laugh said, "Prove it." So the guy walks over to the window and jumps out. A few minutes later he walks back into the bar and says, "Told ya." He looks at the bartender who is shaking his head and laughing, and says, '"Do that again." So he does it again. The man, astonished, walks out to the window and jumps out and falls 100 stories to his death. The bartender looks at the buff man and says, "You know, you are a real jerk when you're drinking, Superman."

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