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Battle Fleet, Not Your Grandma’s Game Of Battleship

Battle Fleet, Not Your Grandma’s Game Of Battleship

July 24, 2011
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Battle Fleet ($2.99) by Jonasz is an iPad only strategy game of military action, pitting the United States against Japan in a Pacific war inspired showdown. Reminiscent of the game of Battleship, there is so much more to this than simply calling out numbers and letters, and hoping you hit something.

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Your first mission is training. Here you will learn how to set a course, maneuver your ships, ready your weapons and attack the enemy. Once you have practiced your skills, the war begins. You can play either single or multi-player in a pass-and-play game. In single player, you play your missions against the computer generated team of Japanese battleships. Each level requires you to complete an objective, such as finding the enemy stockyard and destroying it while fighting opposing ships in the area. At the time of writing this, you can only play as the United States, but the option to play the U.S. or Japan will be available soon.

In multi-player mode, you and your opponent will choose whether to be the U.S. or Japan and will be able to select your ships based on prestige points and also select what type of gun turret you want on your ship. You must then find strategic ways to collect top secret items and attempt to blow each other up along the way.

The similarity between this and the game of Battleship is that you must be able to calculate the exact location of the enemy by setting the angle and power of each gun turret. You can only use each turret once per round and none of them have the same firing or distance range. So, even if you manage to strike the enemy with your precision turret on one round, you may not be able to hit him again before he moves if none of your other weapons can reach him.

Overall this game is challenging and exciting. You really have to work to figure out where to hit the enemy, and just when you think you have got him, he moves, leaving you shooting blind yet again. At $2.99, this game is guaranteed hours of fun for fans of strategy games.

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