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Make Sure The Conditions Are Just Right At The Beach This Summer With BeachWeather

Make Sure The Conditions Are Just Right At The Beach This Summer With BeachWeather

July 2, 2011
BeachWeather by StudioDP icon

BeachWeather ($0.99) by StudioDP is a weather app that has a different goal in mind--giving you the conditions of your favorite beaches for summer.

For those that live in the United States, you're probably enjoying a long weekend. Even if you're not, it's still summer, and it's a great time to go to the beach. So how about finding out how the weather and conditions are at the beach before you drive out there? That's what BeachWeather is here to help you out with.

BeachWeather by StudioDP screenshot

When you open the app, the first thing you'll want to do is to add the locations of your favorite beaches. You can choose your locations from two options: Browse Locations or view Suggestions.

Browse Locations will allow you to search by country and state/province. When you find the beach you want, tap the green button to add it.

Suggestions will prompt you for your location, and then give you a list of local beaches around you that you can add.

Adding beaches is easy, but if you have several favorite spots to go to, then adding multiple locations can be a bit of work. Instead of being allowed to batch-add several beaches at once, you will have to keep repeating the process until you have all of the locations. I hope the developer will have a batch-add option in the future.

You will be able to delete and reorder your beach locations from this screen.

As you get your beaches added and organized, you'll be able to view your beach forecasts. The interface is beautiful and extremely slick.

BeachWeather displays a card for your location, and you can swipe between the location "pages" just like you would on the iOS home screen. The background is an aesthetically pleasing wood grain texture, and the colors on the card are calming and a beautiful indicator of the weather.

The name of the currently selected beach will be displayed at the top, and you get three sections below for conditions/temperature, water temperature, and wind. You can switch between the morning and the afternoon up to three days in advance.

BeachWeather by StudioDP screenshot

If you're wondering "What does this do that my regular weather app doesn't?" at this point, let me answer that for you. You will be able to view if the beach is cloudy, UV strength, and sunrise and sunset times. The water temperature and wind direction and speed are also pretty important if you're planning to get in the water or do some summer activities.

BeachWeather includes an option to share your screenshot of the currently selected beach conditions with your friends. You can share via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Settings are found within the app, and allow you to choose temperature scale (celsius or fahrenheit) and windspeed scale (Km/h, M/s, Mph, Knots, and Beaufort).

It's definitely the time to hit the beach, and if you're lucky enough to live near the ocean, this app is perfect for your summer holidays. The interface is beautiful, simple, and informative.

So grab this app and make sure conditions are just right at your favorite beach before hitting the waters!

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