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Tap The Discs Before The Boxes Get There

Tap The Discs Before The Boxes Get There

July 18, 2011
Beat the Box by Gary Asman icon

Beat the Box ($0.99) by Gary Asman is an interesting new reflex game for iPhones.

The object of the game is to “beat the boxes” by tapping the blue discs before they are covered by the red boxes. Players earn ten points for each red box that they beat to the blue disc. If the boxes beat you to a disc, you lose a life. Each game begins with three lives.

Beat the Box by Gary Asman screenshot

On the right side of the screen a meter is displayed which shows how close users are to progressing to the next level. Tapping on blue discs fills the meter. The score and level are also displayed in the top left corner, and lives are displayed in the top right. There is a pause button in the center that can be used at anytime.

There are many different levels, each harder than the previous. Later levels have more red boxes so players can earn more points, but they have less time to tap the discs. Aside from simple blue discs, there are also different colored bonus discs that earn extra points. There are also green 1up extra life discs.

When you run out of lives, the game is over and your score is totaled. The highest score is displayed on the menu. Beat the Box does have GameCenter integration, so you can compare your high score with your friends.

The game is very easy to learn and entertaining for a short while. But I did not very addicting. It is very easy to master and I think the levels progress too fast. The first time I played I got to level 20. Therefore I think it is too easy.

Overall, Beat the Box may be fun, but it doesn’t keep your attention. The game is easy to learn, but also too easy to master.

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